Wrist Tattoos For Girls – How to Get to the Absolute Best Artwork Sites

I hope you prepared yourself for seeing galleries full of generic wrist tattoos for girls. They way most people look for them, they head right over to every generic laced artwork site, without even realizing what’s occurring. It’s all in how you’re “searching” for tattoo sites and one very quick change can drastically improve the quality and originality of the wrist tattoos for girls you get to see.

Most people are perfectly content with weeding through pages filled with cookie cutter tattoo art. That’s all they ever see, so they don’t even think about the better artwork that might be out there. Just so you know, though, looking through nothing but generic designs is a sure way to end up with a generic tattoo on yourself. People who do this will always regret putting such a cookie cutter tat on their body, though. With that said, let me ask a quick question: Why do you think so many people fail to find sites that have great wrist tattoos for girls?

The answer to this is pretty straight forward. It’s because of the fact that people, by simple instinct, go right over to a search engine to look for tattoo sites. There once was a time when they were fabulous tools for locating the galleries that had real, high quality artwork, but not any more. All they throw your way now is a long, long list of places that pack their servers with generic junk, just so they can say they have a huge database of artwork to choose from. If you want nothing to do with cookie cutter wrist tattoos for girls, let me share the next tip, which will solve this problem.

It comes down to using the powers of large forums. Simply put, it’s the absolute best way to get informed about the sensational tattoo sites that pother people have found over the years. It works like this: Large forums have large archives. These simple archive sections are plastered with topics about tattoo artwork, too. You just need to pick out a couple of the bigger topics, dive in and scan them. So much great knowledge is tucked away in here, including all kinds of names and links of the superb artwork galleries people have found. It’s all shared throughout those topics, leading you to crisp, well drawn wrist tattoos for girls. Once you compare real artwork with generic stuff, you’ll laugh at how cookie cutter that junk is.

There aren’t many ways of looking for wrist tattoos for girls to begin with, but one way leads you to much better artwork.

Death By Girl Scout Cookies – Losing Weight

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us and I was determined not to buy boxes and boxes of cookies this year. However, I was a Girl Scout as a little girl and believe in supporting the cause. So, I decided to purchase one box, and one box only.

No, I did not purchase those gooey, luscious, striped, caramel and coconut covered Samoas that I love so well. Nor did I fall prey to purchasing those silky tasting Thin Mints. Nope. I was determined to be smarter and wiser this year, seriously focus on my commitment to losing some weight. I purchased the Shortbread cookie that has a thin layer of chocolate on the back – my least tempting ones. My daughter and my niece love chocolate. Either or both were bound to want these cookies. I was feeling rather proud of myself… what a thoughtful mother/aunt I am.

Hah! As fate would have it, both were happy about my purchase until they found out it was the Girl Scout Shortbread cookies. “Any kind but those” they said almost simultaneously. No worries, I thought. I shall give them away to a friend. Day after day those cookies sat on my kitchen counter, beckoning and calling my name each time I walked past. I have GOT to get these cookies out of my house! They are going to be the death of me!

A week passed. Then another. Working on a project at my kitchen table around 1:30am one morning, I got an uncontrollable urge for ‘something sweet’. You guessed it! I unabashedly opened that box and ate two of those cookies. Darn, Sherry. You’ve got to be strong. Now I thought, how can I give anyone a partial box of cookies (Isn’t it amazing how we can rationalize anything if we think about it long enough?). As the other side of fate would have it, a couple more days passed, and those cookies didn’t live to see the light of day outside of my house. Once I opened the box, those cookies didn’t stand a chance!

Lesson learned. While I do believe in supporting causes, I can simply make a donation and walk away… without the cookies in hand. I can also choose to NOT bring sweets and tempting goodies into my home… free choice/free will. Final lesson, getting an insufficient amount of rest can derail your will power.

Have you ever fallen hard for the taste of Girl Scout cookies? Let me hear from you.

How to Host a Cookie Exchange

I’ve been hosting a cookie exchange for 10 years, and it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

A cookie exchange is an easy and inexpensive party to plan, and I’ve put together some ideas to get you started.

Cookie Exchange Invitation Ideas:

– A simple e-vite
– Hand deliver a cookie cutter with the invitation attached
– Turn a recipe card into an invitation
– Clearly state what to bring on the invitation.

Cookie Exchange Tips:

Be specific as to how many cookies and copies of the recipe your guests should bring. I ask my guests to bring 6 dozen cookies wrapped in packages of 4 with recipes attached…this number works well for a party of 18 – 30 guests. So, my guests come with 18 little packages and leave with an assortment of 18 little packages.

Why you should ask your guests to package their cookies? Cookies are easier to collect if they’re packaged, cookies are easier to transport if they’re packaged and it’s easy to attach a recipe to a package of cookies which eliminates the guesswork of which recipe goes with which cookie.

Why you might not want to ask your guests to package their cookies: time consuming, added expense. If you opt for packaging cookies, give your guests some suggestions: zip loc bags put inside a small gift bag, cellophane bags tied with a ribbon, zip loc containers tied with a ribbon or Chinese take-out containers. Ask your guests to bring a basket or container to collect their cookies in.

Cookie Exchange Menu:

We usually have our cookie exchange in the afternoon, so a few light appetizers are perfect! As guests arrive, have them open 1 package of their cookies on a tray to be enjoyed at the party. Poinsettia’s have become one of our Christmas traditions, and when you serve a signature cocktail, you eliminate the need to offer other alcoholic beverages.

Poinsettia Punch Recipe:

3 cups cran-raspberry juice
1/4 cup white grape juice concentrate, thawed (do not dilute)
1 bottle champagne (cheap is fine!)
1/4 cup Cointreau
1 liter lime sparkling water
Optional: frozen raspberries to float in the glass
Non-alcoholic version: eliminate the champange and Cointreau. Substitute 1 liter of Sprite.

Other Fun Cookie Exchange Variations:

Make it a mother/daughter event, and have crafts for the children! This year, the teen girls are going to make homemade sugar scrub to give their mothers. When the girls were younger, we made ornaments! Have an award for the best packaging, best looking cookie & best tasting cookie.

If you have a cookie exchange for a really large group (40+), skip the packaging and just let guests pick up a designated amount of cookies. Recipes can just be left next to each tray of cookies.

Teacher Cookie Exchange – have school volunteers bake cookies and let the teachers collect a nice assortment to take home for the holidays.

Now, what do you do with all those yummy cookies? Well, that’s another one of our Christmas traditions! We put all the little packages in the freezer, and each night during Christmas, our children take turns being in charge of making the cookie tray for dessert. It’s a dessert we all look forward to!