Cute Girl Tattoos – Where is the Fresh, Well Drawn Artwork?

There’s really no point to looking for cute girl tattoos if all you see is the same generic stuff. The sadder part is that this is occurring more often, because over 80% of you won’t even locate “one” website that has good, well drawn tattoo art. Most will just wander through the same cookie cutter images over and over again. I’ll tell you the easy way around this, though, so it’s easy once again to find good, cute girl tattoos right now.

There is a wrong path and a right path to start hunting for great tattoo artwork If you start doing it the wrong way, you’ll be brought to so many cookie cutter laced websites that your head will explode. If you start doing it the right way, you’re going to be rewarded with websites that really do take the effort to put up the best artwork possible. It’s that simple. Let me begin by telling you how to “not” look for cute girl tattoos.

You don’t want to use search engines. They are absolutely horrible at bringing you to the websites that actually have good artwork in their galleries. All they bring up are these copy cat type websites that always throw any and all generic junk they can find in their database. Search engines bring these pales up because they have tons of artwork, but what’s the point if every gallery of cute girl tattoos is the same cookie cutter stuff that thousands of other women have already used? That’s the scary part. Any generic design you see at that gallery has probably been inked on no less than 500 women.

Now that we have hat out of the way, let’s talk about the “right” way to look for cute girl tattoos. The right way is by using forums. Big forums to be exact. To put it bluntly, it’s the absolute best way to pull up so many of the hidden websites that have amazing artwork for your next tattoo. Big forums have huge archive section and inside of those archives are hundreds of past topics on various tattoo related subjects.

So many of them will have insider info, such as the websites where other women have uncovered truly great artwork. All it takes is a little browsing on your part and you can find so many tattoo galleries that have sensational cute girl tattoos, without having to weed through 900 pages of generic designs. That’s what it all comes down to.

There is an enormous different between quality drawn cute girl tattoos ad the same cookie cutter stuff that has been floating around for over 10 years.

Top Five Must Have 2016 Gifts for Girls

Have a birthday party coming up for a niece, daughter, or a friend’s child? Planning the perfect celebration takes a lot of work, but whether it’s a party for everyone in the third grade or only for family, the perfect gift is like the icing on the cake for an amazing get-together. Here are some of the hottest gifts for girls on the market right now.

1. Kid’s Smartwatch

An apple never falls far from its tree. As parents have become enamored with adult versions of smartwatches, their kids have followed in their footsteps. These devices come not only with the standard time and calendar functions, but they also take and store photos and videos and have Internet capability. Some can even be used as telephones for making calls and sending text messages. More expensive models also have the capability to track locations, ensuring parents always know where their child is.

2. Girl Scout Cookie Oven

Did you know that as early as 1917, Girl Scouts were selling cookies? For decades, each member baked her own sugar cookies and sold them for 25 or 30 cents per dozen. This concept is being reborn with a new cookie oven. Members do not sell their baked goods, but they do get to enjoy remaking their favorite recipes in an easy-to-use, safe oven. The small oven preheats in just five minutes and even features a window where anxious chefs can view their masterpieces coming to life.

3. Bow and Arrow Sets

Archery sets are experiencing a revival in popularity. To find the perfect set, you need to know if the child is right- or left-handed and which eye is dominant. To determine which eye is dominant, have them stand about ten feet away from a wall and point at a spot or object on the wall. While still pointing, have them close one eye at a time. If their finger is still on the spot, then the open eye is dominant. Most sets are sold with exact age ranges indicated on the labels. Real arrows can be purchased, but some first timers may benefit from the added safety of soft tipped arrows.

4. Youth Tablets

If you’re willing to spend the money, these devices are worth the investment. They continue to be very hot gifts for girls with their versatility, ease of use, and portability. The newest generation comes with bright and clear displays as well as an abundance of learning tools and games that both daughters and their parents will appreciate. With extensive parental controls, Wi-Fi connectivity, and access to the most popular movies and programs out there today, it is no wonder that these tablets are in high demand.

5. Building Blocks

Certain iconic toy manufacturers are producing more female figures for building block sets. These toys unleash imagination and creativity, and now young girls can do so with female space scientists, astronauts, race car drivers, pit crew members, deep-sea submarine navigators, soccer stars, and so many other exciting figurines. There are even educationally themed collections that feature scientists like Marie Curie and archeologists like Mary Anning.

The perfect present is something that will strengthen your relationship. No matter which gift you decide to purchase, make sure you spend time playing with it together. These gifts for girls could end up becoming the foundation for a long, happy friendship.

Selling Girl Scout Cookies

A few weekends ago, I had the good fortune of spending 3 hours with my eight year old daughter at the local mall. This trip was different because our mission was to sell Girl Scout cookies.

I have sold many things in my life but never Girl Scout cookies. What happens before we arrive is where the story gets interesting. I could not help but notice her preparation for the day. She got up early, did a quick inventory of her supplies and then proceeded to pack the car. In many ways, it was remarkably similar to my early days as a wide-eyed rookie sales rep. I was going to light the world on fire! At least, I thought so.

During breakfast, she discusses her strategy for selling 40 boxes of cookies. WOW! At this point, it hits me like a sledgehammer. My eight year is laying out a plan for the day which includes her strategy, tactics and goal. I could not help but wonder where all this was coming from as I had not seen her so focused.

We proceed to the mall to set up our table directly in the center of the mall. I find myself a bit uncomfortable standing directly in the path of would-be shoppers. I feel exposed as I am not sure what to expect. I have been in sales for over 15 years and I am actually nervous about selling Girl Scout cookies. Ouch! I notice that I am tapping my right foot on the leg of table as I feel my anxiety level rising. I experienced this same feeling on a consistent basis my first year in sales. It was how I felt when I was tasked to make a sales call on that “buyer” who had a reputation for berating sales reps in public. I am sure many of you can relate to that feeling of helplessness.

In this case, I was lucky because my sales manager (my daughter) was there to provide a much needed pep talk. She came over to me, gave me a hug and told me to relax and just do what she does. A sense of relief comes over me and I settle into a nice rhythm. We anxiously wait for shoppers (prospects) to walk by so that we can ask them to buy a box of cookies. I am struck by how rude so many people are as some do their best to avoid making eye contact. Again, not much different from how many prospects treat sales people. My daughter keeps plugging away and just keeps asking people if they are interested in supporting the Girl Scouts. She keeps a smile on her face and stays at it to reach her goal. At certain points, I feel dejected until I look over at her and see that she is still smiling waiting for the next person to walk by.

The day was a wake-up call of sorts for me; it was a reminder of what it often feels like to sell a product, concept, idea and/or your brand. For many of us, we cut our teeth by making cold calls which was not that much different from selling Girl Scout cookies in terms of our approach. Instead of standing in the mall, we strategically placed ourselves in the hallway, outside an office or anywhere else so that we could see when “that buyer” was on their way and headed in our direction. We just happened to be in that particular area so we could introduce ourselves. It is funny what sales people will do to make contact with a prospect. In this case, we proceed to discuss our solution, its benefits and see if they would be interested in meeting with us in their office. I am not so sure it was the best way to facilitate a conversation, but it certainly seemed to work more often than not.

I suspect that there are plenty of brave souls out there right now waiting to make one more cold call. The uneasy feeling, unsure of what to say and when to say it is quite an experience. It certainly tests your psyche. Like my daughter, just keep smiling, keep asking and you too may reach your goals!