Pretty Favor Ideas For a Baby Girl Shower Party

Planning a baby shower for an upcoming baby girl? Check out pretty favor ideas below and choose an option that will complete the baby shower shower you are going to plan. Although it is not mandatory to give party favors, but it makes a good gesture to thank everyone for spending their time and bringing gifts for the baby. But being a party host, you should consider the appropriate shower favors for the guests. There are lots of options to choose from, but make sure to choose a favor that fits the baby shower theme, which is usually decided according to the gender of the upcoming child. If your friend is expecting a baby girl, the following ideas can be considered as great favor options to choose from:

Butterfly Cookie Cutter Baby Shower Favors

Cookie cutters are among the most whimsical ideas that many guests look forward in modern baby showers these days. They come in various shapes to choose from, including a butterfly shape that is perfect for baby girl shower party. You may include the mom’s-to-be favorite cookie recipe to the butterfly-shaped cookie cutter favors, making them truly special that guests will definitely enjoy using for years to come.

Crystal Pacifier Baby Shower Favors

To wow her family and friends, these stunning Crystal Pacifier Shower Favors are sure to be a perfect choice! These shimmering pacifier-shaped favors can add elegance to the shower that welcomes a baby girl in the world. You will find these pacifiers simply a great choice as they crafted with chrome embossed ring shaped handles and presented in a Crystal Choice signature box lined in luxurious satin.

Midori Cherry Blossom Baby Shower Favor Boxes

If you want to create a sweet artful touch to the baby shower, these Midori Cherry Blossom Baby Shower Favor Boxes are a good option to use in holding sweet favors for your guests. You can fill these boxes with almonds, button candies, mints, or M&M’s. Apparently, they come in Asian theme. So, f you are looking for the same theme for a baby girl’s party, these neat Cherry Blossom favor boxes are surely a great option to consider.

Sugar and Spice Sugar Bowl Baby Shower Favors

These favors are also a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of a baby girl! Sugar and spice are what baby girls made of! That theme can be very successful with the presence of these Sugar and Spice Shower favors that can be filled with edible favors or confetti.

You can purchase these shower favors online. You can browse your favorite online store to find some other great ideas for a baby girl shower party. If you wish to also buy shower decorations, gift baskets, or baby diaper cakes for the party, there are also plenty of selections to choose from. Baby gifts for girls are available in a wide variety as well, so guests won’t have to worry about bringing the right presents for the party.

How to Host a Cookie Exchange

I’ve been hosting a cookie exchange for 10 years, and it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

A cookie exchange is an easy and inexpensive party to plan, and I’ve put together some ideas to get you started.

Cookie Exchange Invitation Ideas:

– A simple e-vite
– Hand deliver a cookie cutter with the invitation attached
– Turn a recipe card into an invitation
– Clearly state what to bring on the invitation.

Cookie Exchange Tips:

Be specific as to how many cookies and copies of the recipe your guests should bring. I ask my guests to bring 6 dozen cookies wrapped in packages of 4 with recipes attached…this number works well for a party of 18 – 30 guests. So, my guests come with 18 little packages and leave with an assortment of 18 little packages.

Why you should ask your guests to package their cookies? Cookies are easier to collect if they’re packaged, cookies are easier to transport if they’re packaged and it’s easy to attach a recipe to a package of cookies which eliminates the guesswork of which recipe goes with which cookie.

Why you might not want to ask your guests to package their cookies: time consuming, added expense. If you opt for packaging cookies, give your guests some suggestions: zip loc bags put inside a small gift bag, cellophane bags tied with a ribbon, zip loc containers tied with a ribbon or Chinese take-out containers. Ask your guests to bring a basket or container to collect their cookies in.

Cookie Exchange Menu:

We usually have our cookie exchange in the afternoon, so a few light appetizers are perfect! As guests arrive, have them open 1 package of their cookies on a tray to be enjoyed at the party. Poinsettia’s have become one of our Christmas traditions, and when you serve a signature cocktail, you eliminate the need to offer other alcoholic beverages.

Poinsettia Punch Recipe:

3 cups cran-raspberry juice
1/4 cup white grape juice concentrate, thawed (do not dilute)
1 bottle champagne (cheap is fine!)
1/4 cup Cointreau
1 liter lime sparkling water
Optional: frozen raspberries to float in the glass
Non-alcoholic version: eliminate the champange and Cointreau. Substitute 1 liter of Sprite.

Other Fun Cookie Exchange Variations:

Make it a mother/daughter event, and have crafts for the children! This year, the teen girls are going to make homemade sugar scrub to give their mothers. When the girls were younger, we made ornaments! Have an award for the best packaging, best looking cookie & best tasting cookie.

If you have a cookie exchange for a really large group (40+), skip the packaging and just let guests pick up a designated amount of cookies. Recipes can just be left next to each tray of cookies.

Teacher Cookie Exchange – have school volunteers bake cookies and let the teachers collect a nice assortment to take home for the holidays.

Now, what do you do with all those yummy cookies? Well, that’s another one of our Christmas traditions! We put all the little packages in the freezer, and each night during Christmas, our children take turns being in charge of making the cookie tray for dessert. It’s a dessert we all look forward to!

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – How to Find High Quality Artwork

When you are looking on the internet for wrist tattoos for girls, you may want to hear the next few suggestions. Without them, you may fall decently into the group of women who do not come across any of the collections that put up new, original, high quality tattoo designs. So lots of individuals become confused in a world of cookie cutter trash and generic artwork. Here is the most effective way to go right to the galleries that will contain great wrist tattoos for girls.

None of this knowledge will be of value to you if you are happy with getting cookie cutter tattoo designs engraved on your body. If you would like that kind of generic design, you could go over to one of the large search engines to locate them. I presume that you do not want generic wrist tattoos for girls, however, which is why search engines ought to be avoided. I claim this since that is the only kind of web sites that they’re showing in their galleries.

It is a large listing of cookie cutter filled galleries. In the meantime, none of the listings that contain high quality, nice tattoo designs are getting revealed to you. It is a true pity, but there is a solution. There is a much, much easier method of finding the great artwork across the internet. How do you come across those high quality, original wrist tattoos for girls? You come across them, rather easily, by going inside of any big forum you bump into.

The reason big forums are very high quality is due to the fact that they have large archive sections. These archives carry the key an endless supply of truly awesome artwork. You’ll come across so much present and past subjects on a broad variety of tattoo topics. Inside those subjects will be a large amount of inside information, including females who discuss their opinions of exceptional artwork and the web sites that have it. You won’t believe the caliber of wrist tattoos for girls that you come across using this method, compared to the cookie cutter trash that search engines keep on showing. It is that easy.

There is a really high probability that you would regret being tattooed with one of the cookie cutter wrist tattoos for girls, so why not choose precisely what “you” like?