How to Get a Girl to Notice You – The 5 Senses Behind How to Get a Girl to Notice You

When you think about it, people have 5 senses that they utilize when they are evaluating a situation:  Sight, Smell, Taste, Feel, Listen.  If you take care of all of these senses in the right manner, then you will truly understand what it takes to get a girl to notice you.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Sight  

You always want to look your best whenever you are in front of other girls.  This will show them that you value yourself and care about how other people perceive you.  If you’re in good physical shape, then women will recognize you as being a healthy, strong individual.  If you wear clothes with stains and you don’t shave for a week, then the girl will recognize that you are a slob who can’t take care of himself.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Smell

You always want to smell good when you are around women.  Remember how the house would smell when your mom would bake chocolate chip cookies?  All I can remember is just waiting for those suckers to get out of the oven so I could devour them by the handful.  Smell is a very powerful tool.  If you have the right aroma, girls will want to stay in your presence for a long time.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Taste

Use mouthwash, tic tacs, altoids, etc. in order to keep that breath of yours fresh.  Remember the cookie example?  Well smelling those cookies baking made me want to eat them that much more.  Girls will notice your breath whether it’s good or bad.  The last thing a girl wants to do is to make out with guy who has morning breath.  Don’t let your breath prevent you from kissing a girl.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Feel

Another important factor in getting a girl to notice you is how she feels when she’s around you.  If she feels really comfortable and at ease, then she is going to want to stay in this same environment.  Try to be relaxed and calm.  It produces easy going vibes that will rub off on the girls who are around you.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Listen

The way you converse (or don’t) is key to getting a girl to notice you.  If you really loud and obnoxious, girls will very turned off.  At the same time, if you never open your mouth and say anything, then girls will you think you have no personality.   It’s important to use your sense of humor and natural charm.  Also, be sure to listen actively when conversing with girls.  Girls always like to know that you are paying attention to what they have to say.  It shows that you care and that you are interested as well. 

If you really think about the senses we use when we are analyzing people and situations, it becomes easier to understand how to get a girl to notice you.

Top Five Must Have 2016 Gifts for Girls

Have a birthday party coming up for a niece, daughter, or a friend’s child? Planning the perfect celebration takes a lot of work, but whether it’s a party for everyone in the third grade or only for family, the perfect gift is like the icing on the cake for an amazing get-together. Here are some of the hottest gifts for girls on the market right now.

1. Kid’s Smartwatch

An apple never falls far from its tree. As parents have become enamored with adult versions of smartwatches, their kids have followed in their footsteps. These devices come not only with the standard time and calendar functions, but they also take and store photos and videos and have Internet capability. Some can even be used as telephones for making calls and sending text messages. More expensive models also have the capability to track locations, ensuring parents always know where their child is.

2. Girl Scout Cookie Oven

Did you know that as early as 1917, Girl Scouts were selling cookies? For decades, each member baked her own sugar cookies and sold them for 25 or 30 cents per dozen. This concept is being reborn with a new cookie oven. Members do not sell their baked goods, but they do get to enjoy remaking their favorite recipes in an easy-to-use, safe oven. The small oven preheats in just five minutes and even features a window where anxious chefs can view their masterpieces coming to life.

3. Bow and Arrow Sets

Archery sets are experiencing a revival in popularity. To find the perfect set, you need to know if the child is right- or left-handed and which eye is dominant. To determine which eye is dominant, have them stand about ten feet away from a wall and point at a spot or object on the wall. While still pointing, have them close one eye at a time. If their finger is still on the spot, then the open eye is dominant. Most sets are sold with exact age ranges indicated on the labels. Real arrows can be purchased, but some first timers may benefit from the added safety of soft tipped arrows.

4. Youth Tablets

If you’re willing to spend the money, these devices are worth the investment. They continue to be very hot gifts for girls with their versatility, ease of use, and portability. The newest generation comes with bright and clear displays as well as an abundance of learning tools and games that both daughters and their parents will appreciate. With extensive parental controls, Wi-Fi connectivity, and access to the most popular movies and programs out there today, it is no wonder that these tablets are in high demand.

5. Building Blocks

Certain iconic toy manufacturers are producing more female figures for building block sets. These toys unleash imagination and creativity, and now young girls can do so with female space scientists, astronauts, race car drivers, pit crew members, deep-sea submarine navigators, soccer stars, and so many other exciting figurines. There are even educationally themed collections that feature scientists like Marie Curie and archeologists like Mary Anning.

The perfect present is something that will strengthen your relationship. No matter which gift you decide to purchase, make sure you spend time playing with it together. These gifts for girls could end up becoming the foundation for a long, happy friendship.

Girl Scouts – Thinking Outside Of The Cookie Box Using 7 Simple Marketing Strategies

The Girl Scout Cookie Campaign is the biggest annual fundraiser for the world’s largest organization dedicated to all girls. Can Girl Scouts use simple marketing strategies when selling their cookies? My granddaughter’s Girl Scout troop conducted a Women in Business Seminar. I had the opportunity, along with two other professional women to share with the troop and their mothers, what we do in our business.

To help the young ladies understand the logistics of implementing simple marketing strategies in their Girl Scout Cookie Campaign, I presented the following four questions for them to write down, think about and better understand what the process of marketing is all about:

1. What strategies do you use when selling your Girl Scout cookies?

2. What do you do to get new customers to buy your cookies?

3. Why is customer loyalty important to you?

4. Is it a good idea to send a thank you note to the people buying your Girl Scout cookies?

Some of their current selling strategies include going door to door, giving their order forms to their parents to solicit orders from their friends and co-workers, as well as setting up tables outside of local businesses to sell on site. Although the troop didn’t quite meet their goal for cookie sales prior to this seminar, we went over some basic selling strategies on how to prepare for increased sales next year. Here are seven useful tips:

o Pre-selling and generating excitement, at least a month before you are to begin taking orders.

o Be sure to keep a record of your total amount of boxes sold and sales generated from the year before.

o Know what your cookie goals are, compared to last years.

o Do not wear out the same customers every year to buy over and over again. You need to find new customers.

o Send a thank you note or create a simple one to give to each person buying cookies from you when you deliver them.

o Keep a record of what your best-selling to your least selling variety is.

o Think about selling your leftover boxes at flea markets. You can partner with other troop members to invest in a table if the entire troop does not participate. If everyone doesn’t participate, then don’t let that stop you. Be savvy!

Brand awareness or “branding” (a name, term, symbol or other feature that distinguishes products and services from competitive offerings), is evident through the Girl Scout Logo, the Girl Scout Name, pictures of scout members represented on the outside of the cookie box, the Girl Scout website and mission statement.

The Girl Scout Cookie Campaign helps to promote essentials of marketing, such as setting goals, customer service and money management that leads to courage, confidence and character. Thinking outside of the cookie box, will help them to develop better planning, execution and follow-up of their sales techniques now, which will be a great helpmate in whatever their career endeavors may be in the future. These strategic marketing tips can also be applied to Boy Scout fundraising campaigns.