Selling Girl Scout Cookies

A few weekends ago, I had the good fortune of spending 3 hours with my eight year old daughter at the local mall. This trip was different because our mission was to sell Girl Scout cookies.

I have sold many things in my life but never Girl Scout cookies. What happens before we arrive is where the story gets interesting. I could not help but notice her preparation for the day. She got up early, did a quick inventory of her supplies and then proceeded to pack the car. In many ways, it was remarkably similar to my early days as a wide-eyed rookie sales rep. I was going to light the world on fire! At least, I thought so.

During breakfast, she discusses her strategy for selling 40 boxes of cookies. WOW! At this point, it hits me like a sledgehammer. My eight year is laying out a plan for the day which includes her strategy, tactics and goal. I could not help but wonder where all this was coming from as I had not seen her so focused.

We proceed to the mall to set up our table directly in the center of the mall. I find myself a bit uncomfortable standing directly in the path of would-be shoppers. I feel exposed as I am not sure what to expect. I have been in sales for over 15 years and I am actually nervous about selling Girl Scout cookies. Ouch! I notice that I am tapping my right foot on the leg of table as I feel my anxiety level rising. I experienced this same feeling on a consistent basis my first year in sales. It was how I felt when I was tasked to make a sales call on that “buyer” who had a reputation for berating sales reps in public. I am sure many of you can relate to that feeling of helplessness.

In this case, I was lucky because my sales manager (my daughter) was there to provide a much needed pep talk. She came over to me, gave me a hug and told me to relax and just do what she does. A sense of relief comes over me and I settle into a nice rhythm. We anxiously wait for shoppers (prospects) to walk by so that we can ask them to buy a box of cookies. I am struck by how rude so many people are as some do their best to avoid making eye contact. Again, not much different from how many prospects treat sales people. My daughter keeps plugging away and just keeps asking people if they are interested in supporting the Girl Scouts. She keeps a smile on her face and stays at it to reach her goal. At certain points, I feel dejected until I look over at her and see that she is still smiling waiting for the next person to walk by.

The day was a wake-up call of sorts for me; it was a reminder of what it often feels like to sell a product, concept, idea and/or your brand. For many of us, we cut our teeth by making cold calls which was not that much different from selling Girl Scout cookies in terms of our approach. Instead of standing in the mall, we strategically placed ourselves in the hallway, outside an office or anywhere else so that we could see when “that buyer” was on their way and headed in our direction. We just happened to be in that particular area so we could introduce ourselves. It is funny what sales people will do to make contact with a prospect. In this case, we proceed to discuss our solution, its benefits and see if they would be interested in meeting with us in their office. I am not so sure it was the best way to facilitate a conversation, but it certainly seemed to work more often than not.

I suspect that there are plenty of brave souls out there right now waiting to make one more cold call. The uneasy feeling, unsure of what to say and when to say it is quite an experience. It certainly tests your psyche. Like my daughter, just keep smiling, keep asking and you too may reach your goals!

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – How to Get to the Absolute Best Artwork Sites

I hope you prepared yourself for seeing galleries full of generic wrist tattoos for girls. They way most people look for them, they head right over to every generic laced artwork site, without even realizing what’s occurring. It’s all in how you’re “searching” for tattoo sites and one very quick change can drastically improve the quality and originality of the wrist tattoos for girls you get to see.

Most people are perfectly content with weeding through pages filled with cookie cutter tattoo art. That’s all they ever see, so they don’t even think about the better artwork that might be out there. Just so you know, though, looking through nothing but generic designs is a sure way to end up with a generic tattoo on yourself. People who do this will always regret putting such a cookie cutter tat on their body, though. With that said, let me ask a quick question: Why do you think so many people fail to find sites that have great wrist tattoos for girls?

The answer to this is pretty straight forward. It’s because of the fact that people, by simple instinct, go right over to a search engine to look for tattoo sites. There once was a time when they were fabulous tools for locating the galleries that had real, high quality artwork, but not any more. All they throw your way now is a long, long list of places that pack their servers with generic junk, just so they can say they have a huge database of artwork to choose from. If you want nothing to do with cookie cutter wrist tattoos for girls, let me share the next tip, which will solve this problem.

It comes down to using the powers of large forums. Simply put, it’s the absolute best way to get informed about the sensational tattoo sites that pother people have found over the years. It works like this: Large forums have large archives. These simple archive sections are plastered with topics about tattoo artwork, too. You just need to pick out a couple of the bigger topics, dive in and scan them. So much great knowledge is tucked away in here, including all kinds of names and links of the superb artwork galleries people have found. It’s all shared throughout those topics, leading you to crisp, well drawn wrist tattoos for girls. Once you compare real artwork with generic stuff, you’ll laugh at how cookie cutter that junk is.

There aren’t many ways of looking for wrist tattoos for girls to begin with, but one way leads you to much better artwork.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You – The 5 Senses Behind How to Get a Girl to Notice You

When you think about it, people have 5 senses that they utilize when they are evaluating a situation:  Sight, Smell, Taste, Feel, Listen.  If you take care of all of these senses in the right manner, then you will truly understand what it takes to get a girl to notice you.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Sight  

You always want to look your best whenever you are in front of other girls.  This will show them that you value yourself and care about how other people perceive you.  If you’re in good physical shape, then women will recognize you as being a healthy, strong individual.  If you wear clothes with stains and you don’t shave for a week, then the girl will recognize that you are a slob who can’t take care of himself.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Smell

You always want to smell good when you are around women.  Remember how the house would smell when your mom would bake chocolate chip cookies?  All I can remember is just waiting for those suckers to get out of the oven so I could devour them by the handful.  Smell is a very powerful tool.  If you have the right aroma, girls will want to stay in your presence for a long time.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Taste

Use mouthwash, tic tacs, altoids, etc. in order to keep that breath of yours fresh.  Remember the cookie example?  Well smelling those cookies baking made me want to eat them that much more.  Girls will notice your breath whether it’s good or bad.  The last thing a girl wants to do is to make out with guy who has morning breath.  Don’t let your breath prevent you from kissing a girl.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Feel

Another important factor in getting a girl to notice you is how she feels when she’s around you.  If she feels really comfortable and at ease, then she is going to want to stay in this same environment.  Try to be relaxed and calm.  It produces easy going vibes that will rub off on the girls who are around you.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You:  Listen

The way you converse (or don’t) is key to getting a girl to notice you.  If you really loud and obnoxious, girls will very turned off.  At the same time, if you never open your mouth and say anything, then girls will you think you have no personality.   It’s important to use your sense of humor and natural charm.  Also, be sure to listen actively when conversing with girls.  Girls always like to know that you are paying attention to what they have to say.  It shows that you care and that you are interested as well. 

If you really think about the senses we use when we are analyzing people and situations, it becomes easier to understand how to get a girl to notice you.