Arrangements Cookie Lovers Would Smile At

What better solution to make a celebration more memorable than by providing arrangements cookie lovers will drool over? These are generally for a specific holiday, graduation ceremony, wedding, or just because. There’s no limit what kind of arrangement cookie creations may be placed into. People often enjoy getting something that they can eat, so they don’t wind up collecting a number of useless knick knacks. Everyone has a tendency to enjoy eating artsy cookie creations given as a gift.

Holiday: Cookies can be decorated and arranged in accordance to the holiday at hand. For instance, at Christmas, the platter is often shaped like a Christmas tree with round sugar cookies decorated as individual ornaments. At Easter, a basket could possibly be brimming with egg-shaped cookies decorated with colored frosting and placed on candy grass. A St. Patrick’s Day arrangement could possibly be done with quite a few small round cookies covered in gold frosting and put in a black plastic cauldron. The arrangement styles are endless.

Graduation: Grads enjoy fun treats, just as much as the next person. No matter if he/she is graduating from kindergarten, senior high school, college, or cosmetology school. Cookies for this special occasion could be in the form of graduation caps and arranged using a platter in the shape of a diploma. These can be a fairly simple arrangement of assorted cookies which the grad likes best.

Birthday: Arrangements for birthdays are determined by the age of the person having the birthday or what he/she might be interested in. To illustrate, a little boy might like to have a platter packed with dinosaurs, while a little girl might well be more interested in receiving an arrangement of cookies that are the same shape as ballerinas. Teen boys might like cookies in the shape of cars and teenage girls would probably enjoy a platter packed with flower-shaped cookies.

Shower: Baby shower celebration arrangements usually are of cookies in the shape of baby rattles, booties, bottles, and pacifiers. The arrangement can also be themed in accordance to the sex of the baby; a shower for a baby girl might well have these shapes in pink icing, while a shower for a boy might have blue. A wedding shower might have a silver platter loaded with an arrangement of cookies in the shape of a pair of wedding rings, doves, or perhaps simple white frosting with elegant silver candy beads for decoration.

Just for fun: Sometimes people simply need to be cheered up a little bit. Who wouldn’t have a nice smile on their face after receiving a complete arrangement of cookies cut out in fun shapes and decorated in bright colored frosting? Just seeing cookies which have been gaily decorated bring cheer to plenty of people.

These cookie arrangements could also be given to welcome a new family to your neighbourhood. They can be a pleasant way for you to let people know they are welcome.

Whatever reason you choose to make arrangements cookie lovers will likely be thrilled to receive, they are frequently the most perfect gift that hopefully will be spoke of for a considerably long time. The more outlandish the arrangement cookie artists create, the more they’re going to feature prominently in peoples’ minds for future reference. Some people don’t realize how neat cookie arrangements are, until they get one themselves.

All The Marvelous Uses For Decorated Cookies

Decorated cookies are a perfect addition to any occasion. They’re appetizing and elegant, but also small and convenient to carry. They make great gifts and ideal party snacks. And above all, they’re delectable. You can order specially designed cookies with any theme, to match any event. No matter what the situation is, it can be improved by decorated cookies.

The most expected time of year to use decorated cookies is during the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year’s, holiday cookies are crucial. They do well big office parties, at small family events, as gifts for friends, or simply to have within reach in the house, to get into the holiday spirit.

But the last couple of months in the year aren’t the only time that call for decorated cookies. Liven up your Halloween with some spooky, scary cookies. Complete your Easter with cookies that have the looks and flavors of spring. Or gift cookies to your mom on Mother’s Day, or your dad on Father’s Day, that depict, in an amusement way, what being a parent is all about. They even make splendid birthday gifts. Whether they’re for children’s parties, important milestones like 18 and 21, or a kind tease at someone who’s getting older, birthday cookies are definitely a hit.

Is someone in your household ready to graduate from high school or college? Take cookies to the party, shaped like diplomas, or graduation caps. Or simply a universal “Congratulations!” cookie, so they can realize how proud you are of them. Maybe someone is about to get married. Hand out beautiful and delicious tuxedo and bridal gown cookies as party favors at the engagement party or wedding shower. Afterward use an arrangement of tasteful and elegant white cross and dove cookies as table centerpieces at the wedding reception. Cookies are also a great way to welcome a newborn baby. Serve personalized cookies for either a boy or a girl at the baby shower, and even have the baby’s name printed on them! Or choose from a variety of fun designs that can welcome in either a boy or a girl. Whatever kind of party you’re arranging, decorated cookies are a fabulous way to express the theme visually and make it stand out.

You don’t even have to have a party to use decorated cookies. Send them to a friend or family member, to let them know you’re thinking of them. Is anyone you love sick, in the hospital, or recovering from an ailment? Get Well cookies will help everybody feel well again. In times of of sorrow or loss, sympathy cookies are a tasteful and considerate way to let someone understand that your thoughts are with them during difficult times. Or send cookies for no specific reason at all! Surprise your loved ones and let them know they’re on your mind. Add some fun to your children’s afternoon snack, by giving them cookies shaped like dinosaurs, or monkeys. Take them to celebrate a favorite sport, from baseball to basketball to ballet. Or give some to a friend you haven’t seen lately, just because.

There’s simply no limit to the ways you can make use of decorated cookies. Let your imagination run wild. There’s a cookie for every occasion. They’re enjoyable, thoughtful, and delicious. No matter what you have planned, decorated cookies will add a bit of flavor.

11 Things Small Business Owners Can Learn From Girl Scout Cookies

1. Train – The Girl Scouts use cookie sales to teach important life skills. Take advantage of the opportunity to develop your team members…or hire a coach to help you.

2. Start Early – The best cookie sellers start knocking on doors the first day, and deliver their cookies as soon as they arrive. “The early bird gets the worm” seems to work everywhere.

3. Know Your Value – Girl Scout Cookies taste good and you get to help kids in your community. Make sure you provide similar great value to your customers.

4. Remember Your Manners – As you learned as a girl (or boy), always say “please” and “thank you”…to customers (even when they don’t buy), vendors and your team members.

5. Dress The Part – Brownies and Girl Scouts take pride in wearing their uniforms. Make sure everyone in your small business knows they only get one chance to make a first impression.

6. Go Deep – Girl Scouts reach out to family, friends and, of course, their parents’ co-workers. Ask everyone you know for referrals to expand your prospect list and grow your business.

7. Up-Sell – Did you know Thin Mints and Caramel deLites are impulse buys? As you learned in that first retail job, always ask the customer if they would like a belt or tie with that shirt.

8. Differentiate – Girl Scout Cookies are available once each year, and you can freeze them. Can you express what makes your products/services stand out in 13 or fewer words?

9. Rehearse – Young girls are taught to practice their sales presentations in front of family and friends before meeting neighbors. Make sure to practice yours before and selling opportunities.

10. Be Prepared – The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts share this motto. When asked, “For what?” Boy Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell replied, “Why, for any old thing.” Good advice.

11. Be Careful Crossing Streets – Pretty basic, yes? Keep your eyes focused on the essential parts of your small business. There are lots of cars out there…and they move really fast!